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  • El Dorado Discount Gold's Mission

    El Dorado Discount Gold was founded in 1999 to fill the need for a discount precious metals broker to help individuals preserve their wealth. El Dorado sells products to help those who believe that our domestic and international monetary systems are on a troubling path.

    We do not give investment advice. Most of our clients are referred to us by friends who deal with us. Therefore, we assume that you do not need to be convinced of the need for the protection that only the ownership of precious metals has provided for the past 3000 years. Our function is simply to help you secure Gold and Silver products at competitive prices.

    The products we feature on this site were chosen based on over two decades of experience in the coin industry and are featured because they represent the best value and highest liquidity in each category.

    US Dollar Purchasing PowerDeclining Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar - The U.S. Dollar is a debt instrument that loses value as more are printed. It is a fiat currency that can be created without adding any additional supportive assets. This ability to create money out of thin air is the primary reason the U.S. came off of the Gold and Silver Standards. Under the metals standards, the money supply can only grow as fast as the metals could be mined. Without the use of fractional reserve lending, our government could not have financed massive economic growth. Chart based on (CPI-U) data.

    5 Year Gold Price ChartRising Gold Price - If you had purchased Gold in 2001 at the low of $272 per-ounce, your purchase would be worth about five times as much today.

    5 Year Silver Price ChartRising Silver Price - If you had purchased Silver back in 2001 at $4.00, it would be worth about five times as much today.